la vieille souche


Samuel Rhyner met 'La Vieille Souche'
© Mathilde Schockaert

'La vieille souche' (freely translated as: the old tree stump) is an ode to life, in all its absurdity, and to the walnut tree at the edge of the garden of Samuel's childhood home. "The tree bore my first treehouses, the first sorrows of my heart, and still bears - with pride - the littlenecks of the ropes of my swing."

In a dystopian, distant future, you meet Trebor (a tree in a jar) and Robert (an acrobat-dancer). Entangled, leaning on each other, these two last entities on earth stay in sync. 'La vieille souce' puts Trebor and Robert on equal footing in this minimalist, absurd, optimistic, auditorial and highly physical performance.

in residence

From 19 untill 24 September 2023
From 23 untill 27 January 2023