Tancarville Nils Lohmann 1

Defining itself as a Choreographic Circus of Investigation, Le G. Bistaki develops singular creations at the crossroads of theater, juggling and dance in which objects, often in number, come to dress the space and transform the bodies. In this fourth creation, the basis of the work oriented the research around the transitional object of the white sheet. At the same time object with multiple uses and qualities, it also covers strong symbolism: it dresses a ghost, is the fabric which shelters our dreams, protects the neglected objects and sometimes our memory. The sheet will be the vector of passage from the concrete to the abstract, thanks to transformations of spaces scenographed at sight ; worlds that will be brought to cohabit in a strange, disturbing or fantastic way. Tancarville plays a social satire with cinematographic writing, where the absurd leads to humor.


G.Bistaki met 'Bel Horizon' tijdens Theater op de Markt 2019 in de omgeving van Dommelhof

in residence

From 12 untill 22 February 2024