glorious bodies


Circumstances met 'GLORIOUS BODIES'
© Jostijn Ligtvoet

'GLORIOUS BODIES' is a physical, intimate circus and dance performance about the carrying capacity of our bodies, about seeing and being seen, about the boundary between classical and contemporary circus with six acrobats aged between 53 and 67 with a past in classical(er) circus. Circus history archived in the body.

Ageing/aging is still a taboo subject in our society and certainly within the circus world. Like top athletes, most acrobats stop training intensively after a certain age. How do the most perfect bodies transform? As a human being, can you ever make peace with your own body? Can you be in complete harmony? 'GLORIOUS BODIES' sheds light on the process of ageing in a special way. Something that happens to all of us, now, right now.

The performance starts from partner acrobatics and movement. The focus is on the road travelled, the physical war of attrition, the process of trial and error. It looks for the physical limits, the power of failure, the contrast between 'what one wants' and 'what one can do'. 'GLORIOUS BODIES' breaks through clichés surrounding the older generation. A performance about the power of the ageing body.

in residence

From 4 untill 15 September 2023