proof of insanity


Zinzi & Evertjan met 'Proof of Insanity'
© Zinzi & Evertjan

In Proof of Insanity, Zinzi & Evertjan delve deeper into the happy nonsense of life. Constantly waiting for direction, the actors falteringly make their way past partner acrobatics and live music. A scenography consisting of moveable elements symbolises the elusive variables that beset us.

This duet is an absurdist invitation to stop looking for logic or control and perceive the beauty of acting as such.


Zinzi & Evertjan tijdens een toonmoment van 'Memo' in Dommelhof, november 2019
Zinzi started circus at the age of four, at Circus Elleboog, Amsterdam's youth circus, and never stopped. She trained in Rotterdam: Codarts Circus Arts, with...
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Zinzi & Evertjan have been working together for ten years. Their act View has been awarded several prizes at renowned festivals, including Festival Mondial du...
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From 19 untill 30 September 2022