Side-Show tijdens een toonmoment van 'Portraits' in Dommelhof, november 2021
© Dommelhof | Simon Peeters

In Portraits, Aline Breucker and Quintijn Ketels portray two very different circus artists: Camille Paycha and Sander De Cuyper. The underlying idea is quite simple. The audience enters a studio where people are busy working and philosophising. In the meantime, the performers try to structure their ideas and to find a place for things.

Portraits questions the links between movement and traces, between work and life. Existential questions such as “When you look at me, who am I looking at?” and “Is this a portrait of a person, a process or a relationship between two people?” float to the surface. A surprising portrait of the situation is created with circus techniques, drawings and monotypes.


Side-Show in residentie in Dommelhof, november 2021
Side-Show is the versatile circus company of Aline Breucker and Quintijn Ketels. Their artistic language is characterised by a unique combination of circus and visual...
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in residence

From 8 untill 16 November 2021
From 8 untill 14 May 2021