Júlia Campistany met 'PELUDA'
© Júlia Campistany

The piece starts with a haircut. The piece ends with a haircut, again. From whom? It is not known yet. On stage, a woman with long long hair, a back, and who else? Outside the stage, a space that gradually becomes a scene with an audience that gradually becomes the protagonist.

PELUDA questions the reality of what we see. A story that travels from glamor to decay through the hair through the language of poetry and the absurd.


Júlia Campistany in residentie in Dommelhof, maart 2022
Júlia is a tapeze specialist, inspired by the balance between movement, music and theatre. About eight years ago she went to Cronopis, a space for...
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in residence

From 7 untill 19 April 2023
From 18 untill 25 March 2022