Hanna de Vletter met 'Duif'
© Hanna de Vletter

'Duif' is a solo performance that plays with expectations. An exploration of contrasts and the authenticity of our own / intimate truth versus that which a society expects of us. Or that what we think is expected of us. Expectations of an audience versus a trapeziste. Expectations of trapeziste versus her trapeze, of trapeze versus audience. Are we open to the moment when we expect? And does an audience actually expect something of itself? Can we connect despite - or perhaps because of - these expectations?

In her trapeze, Hanna plays with the contrast between the freedom of being in the air and the concreteness of the ground. How these two extremes can sometimes come so close together that we no longer know whether it is the ground we all share, the air, or both. The noise of the world versus the silence and presence of being fully in the moment. An ode to sensitivity in a world where emotion and feelings sometimes seem like mere obstacles.

in residence

From 15 untill 23 May 2023
From 14 untill 27 November 2022