Sounds Like Juggling met 'PUINBAL'
© Guido van Hout

PUINBAL is a wondrous, visual music-juggling performance that will get you thinking about how we humans treat our planet. What awaits us if we don't change? Do we stick our heads in the sand or spread our wings?

In this performance, Sounds Like Juggling once again works with special objects that are simultaneously musical instrument and juggling prop. Beats and rhythms are created by throwing shakers, ticking metal pipes, electronic balls full of motion sensors, as well as newspapers, pieces of plastic and old jerry cans. All the throwing and catching makes sound; by combining the sounds, an unprecedented juggling symphony sounds. In the middle of this ballet of sounds, a great rustling, buzzing, pounding performance emerges.

in residence

From 10 untill 14 October 2022