playing and playing and playing


Cirque Barbette met 'Playing and playing and playing'
© Cirque Barbette

A space of nowhere. On the floor: beams, ropes, large stones and a huge white sail. In this mysterious landscape, two characters with different characters evolve. What they have in common is that they play.

They cross the space and the show as if on a journey that evolves with their proposals, their ideas and their premeditated or impulsive actions. Their games are sometimes solitary and sometimes together, they are sometimes fine acrobatics, sometimes raw throws.

The journey is built with the objects that accompany and illustrate the imaginations of our two characters. Here and there, pieces of wood become a boat or a mountain peak, stones start to fly, a storm starts under a bench, Super Mario Bros jumps from chimneys and animals appear... Here, everything is possible!


Cirque Barbette in residentie in Dommelhof, maart 2021
Cirque Barbette was founded by Rosa Matthis in 2010 in Brussels. Starting from a practice of balancing on wire, she has developed a work of...
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in residence

From 18 untill 24 October 2021
From 4 untill 11 March 2021