the repro project #1: press


Camiel Corneille met 'The Repro Project #1: PRESS' tijdens Theater op de Markt 2021 in Dommelhof
© Dommelhof | Marc Ras

The Repro Project is a collection of installation performances created by an acrobat and visual artist/designer. A machine that reveals and questions the power and control of mankind.

Press is the first project that deals with the theme ‘dependency of technology’. On the border of visual arts and circus Camiel researches how we, humans, are relying on our machines. The work takes the shape of an installation, a construction that is the driving factor and the manipulated. Camiel searches for content in relation to his physical material. Press will be researched in different venues and public/open areas in order to find the right resonance of society.

Every different experiment/installation is one element of the full The Repro Project.


Camiel Corneille in residentie in Dommelhof, december 2021
By means of the aerial straps in combination of his visual and digital background, Camiel Corneille has a layered interdisciplinary work attitude intertwined with his...
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in residence

From 27 September untill 3 October 2021
From 19 untill 27 April 2021