Sprookjes enzo in residentie in Dommelhof, september 2021
© Dommelhof | Katelijne Boonen

Sprookjes enzo is the Flemish multidisciplinary theatre company based around Pietro Chiarenza. Based on the tradition of the dramaturgy of the object, Sprookjes enzo makes poetic theatre in which imagination and interactivity are central. In this way, the company makes universal themes accessible to a wide audience and can aspire to a contemporary and international potential, focusing in particular on children from 2 years of age.

Sprookjes enzo develops its own theatrical discourse through a continuous research process based on the following characteristic pillars: multidisciplinarity, universality, interactivity, sustainability, scenographic dynamics.


Sprookjes enzo met 'HOPE' tijdens Theater op de Markt 2021 in Dommelhof
HOPE is a pandemic fairy tale, an intense performance full of fire and circus, created by Pietro Chiarenza and his two eldest sons Anders &...
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projects in our archive

  • Sprookjes enzo - 'Passa il tempo' (2017)

activiteiten in ons archief

  • Sprookjes enzo - 'HOPE' (Theater op de Markt 2021)
  • Sprookjes enzo / Pietro Chiarenza - 'Passa il tempo / As time goes by' (Theater op de Markt 2017)