Side-Show in residentie in Dommelhof, november 2021
© Dommelhof | Katelijne Boonen

Side-Show is the versatile circus company of Aline Breucker and Quintijn Ketels. Their artistic language is characterised by a unique combination of circus and visual art. Since 2009, the Brussels-based company with international scope has been alternating performances in large auditoria with small-scale productions, in-situ performances and interdisciplinary research projects. By emphasising collectivism, care and knowledge sharing, Side-Show plays an important role in the growing circus landscape in Flanders and Brussels.

permit, oh permit my soul to rebel

Side-Show met 'Permit, oh permit my soul to rebel'
Permit, oh permit my soul to rebel is the third part of Side-Show’s Trilogy of the imagination. Following on from Wonders (2013) and Spiegel im...
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Side-Show tijdens een toonmoment van 'Portraits' in Dommelhof, november 2021
In Portraits, Aline Breucker and Quintijn Ketels portray two very different circus artists: Camille Paycha and Sander De Cuyper. The underlying idea is quite simple...
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projects in our archive

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  • Side-Show - 'Wonders' (2013)

activiteiten in ons archief

  • Side-Show - 'Spiegel im Spiegel' (Theater op de Markt 2017)
  • Side-Show - 'Spiegel im Spiegel: Achter de spiegel [EXPO]' (Theater op de Markt 2017)
  • Side-Show - 'Wonders' (Theater op de Markt 2013)