Júlia Campistany in residentie in Dommelhof, maart 2022
© Dommelhof | Katelijne Boonen

Júlia is a tapeze specialist, inspired by the balance between movement, music and theatre.

About eight years ago she went to Cronopis, a space for training and creation in the suburbs of Barcelona, without much knowledge of contemporary circus and Julia immediately fell in love with it, especially with trapeze.

She started training alongside her engineering studies and over the years this passion for movement and performance became an urge. She became entangled in the balance between movement, music and theatre and decided to quit her previous profession to let this passion become her new life. Codarts is where she developed her own style and Julia went deeper into trapeze technique and artistic research.


Júlia Campistany met 'PELUDA'
The piece starts with a haircut. The piece ends with a haircut, again. From whom? It is not known yet. On stage, a woman with...
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La Campistany - 'Fun Happens'
Julia Campistany prepares for Winterlicht, an atmospheric event organized in and by Bokrijk in collaboration with Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof.
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  • Julia Campistany - 'It Happens' (2019)

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  • Júlia Campistany - 'It Happens' (Theater op de Markt 2019)