Sawdust Symphony in residentie in Dommelhof, september 2021
© Dommelhof | Simon Peeters

Kolja Huneck was born 1994 in Munich and in 2007 he started juggling. 2015 he began to style the Bachelor of Circus Arts at Codarts in Rotterdam. He is specialized in object manipulation and handstand acrobatics. While his fascination in circus grew, he also developed interest in Magie Nouvelle. While studying at the circus school, Kolja found his very own object. He works both theatrically with vinyl records and with self-made disques as an abstract object. After graduation from Codarts in 2019 he is now producing his full-length solo performance CM_30.

glowing coals

Jan Daems & Kolja Huneck - 'Glowing Coals'
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sawdust symphony

Michael Zandl, Kolja Huneck & David Eisele met 'Sawdust Symphony' tijdens Theater op de Markt 2021 in Dommelhof
Craftsmanship confronting circus. In Sawdust Symphony Michael Zandl, David Eisele and Kolja Huneck combine their passion for crafting, fresh wood and object manipulation. The piece...
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  • Kolja Huneck - 'CM_30' (2020)

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  • David Eisele, Kolja Huneck, Michael Zandl - 'Sawdust Symphony' (Theater op de Markt 2021)
  • Kolja Huneck - 'CM_30' (Theater op de Markt 2021)