G.Bistaki met 'Bel Horizon' tijdens Theater op de Markt 2019 in de omgeving van Dommelhof
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Tancarville Nils Lohmann 1
Defining itself as a Choreographic Circus of Investigation, Le G. Bistaki develops singular creations at the crossroads of theater, juggling and dance in which objects...
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  • G. Bistaki - 'Bel Horizon' (2019)

activiteiten in ons archief

  • Le G.Bistaki - 'Bal Horizon [MUZIEK]' (Theater op de Markt 2019)
  • Le G.Bistaki - 'Bel Horizon' (Theater op de Markt 2019)
  • Le G.Bistaki - 'The Baïna Trampa Fritz Fallen' (Theater op de Markt 2016)
  • Le G.Bistaki - 'Cooperatzia' (Theater op de Markt 2012)