Cirque Barbette in residentie in Dommelhof, maart 2021
© Dommelhof | Katelijne Boonen

Cirque Barbette was founded by Rosa Matthis in 2010 in Brussels. Starting from a practice of balancing on wire, she has developed a work of balancing artist. Her creations are born from a socio-anthropological interest, she is particularly interested in the communication between people, the body and the image.

The name of the company, Cirque Barbette, is a nod to the meaning of words and names. Circus because this sedentary urban company likes to play with speciations and clichés. Barbette is a tribute to the simplest of diversions.

Barbette was the trapeze artist who seduced his audience dressed as a woman and drove them crazy by removing his wig. The strongest phenomena sometimes come from the simplest ideas...

For the company's creations, Rosa collaborates closely with other artists. Some make occasional visits, others remain there like the pillars of a small urban tribe. With Valentin Boucq (direction and photography), Camille Granger (diffusion) and Reynaldo Ramperssad (dramaturgy) they all share a particular interest in the human being: his world and its interstices.

playing and playing and playing

Cirque Barbette met 'Playing and playing and playing'
A space of nowhere. On the floor: beams, ropes, large stones and a huge white sail. In this mysterious landscape, two characters with different characters...
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activiteiten in ons archief

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