8 May 2021

what’s cooking?


Side-Show met de performance 'What's Cooking?' in Dommelhof, mei 2021
© Dommelhof | Jan Castermans

With What's Cooking? Side-Show intervenes in the circus kwizien, a mobile container that Dommelhof set up as a kitchen for the artists in residence. It is a private and secluded place with one small window where they cook in intimate circles and discuss the artistic process. Side-Show chooses to open up this internal kitchen a little. After their intervention, the container seems to have been taken care of with crude means. Or maybe something tried to escape from inside? There are holes, draft holes or pass-through hatches. These seemingly subtle interventions drastically change the container. They testify to a broader desire for exchange between artistic processes and their environment.

The circus kwizien can be viewed permanently at the Circus Square in Dommelhof.